On April 3rd, 2019, I called for a review of Memorial University’s finances in a letter I penned to The Telegram. See an excerpt below:

The administration blatantly ignores that MUN is a publicly funded university and uses a business model in managing it, treating it the same as a transnational oil company, especially when hiring for senior positions.

The search for a new president in 2009 cost a grand total of $243,197.11 and Kachanoski’s moving expenses were a total of $93,449.65. In 2013, the search for an associate VP academic undergraduate studies cost $129,681 and the search for the vice president Research came to a total of $153,313. And in 2015, the director of student life’s moving expenses cost the university a total of $46,284.46.

For many years, students at MUN have been against fee hikes, but now there is more of a divide; regardless of students’ opinions on this matter, it does not ignore the massive amounts of administrative bloat. It is time for this issue to be fully addressed and reviewed.

The administration seems to be fixed in the mindset that it is what you can do for yourself and not what you can do for others (the greater good or common good).


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