The Independent

Remembering Judy Lynn Ford & the Power of Student Action

MUNL to Retract Ban on Student Protester, says Lawyer

Banned Student Threatens Legal Action Against MUNL

Student Taking MUNL to Court Over Punishment for Protest

Memorial to Change Controversial Policy Ahead of Supreme Court Hearing

Memorial University’s Complaint Processes Rife with Issues


Newfoundland university under fire for weaponizing code of conduct against student activist


Reaction to beefy contract for MUN’s new president ranges from outrage to acceptance

MUN student questions freedom of speech on campus after staff remove tuition protest posters

MUN bans student from campus

“Matt Holds Up A Sign”

Silent protest or bullying? Lawyers argue over MUN student’s protest against Vianne Timmons

MUN’s $22K legal bill on Matt Barter case reveals a lot about its priorities, says student union

The Telegram

Online petition to abolish new fees at Memorial University in St. John’s gets more than 1,500 signatures

MUN faculty association worries removal of posters calling for President’s resignation and no tuition hike will have ‘chilling effect on free expression and academic freedom’

Banned MUN student Matt Barter wants back on St. John’s campus and an apology from administration

Banned MUN student eager to parley with school’s president on future of Newfoundland’s university, tuition

Banned MUN student Matt Barter still waiting for hearing

MUN students’ union firing back against administration, calling for review of code of conduct

Banned MUN student hires lawyer

LETTER: Asking for help to continue fight against being banned from MUN campus

Investigator’s report filed in Memorial University of Newfoundland student activist case


Student Calling for Removal of MUN President Banned from Campus Outside Classes

Canadian Federation of Students Standing Behind Student’s Right to Protest

MUN Student Hires Lawyer in Battle With University

Lawyer of MUN Student Says Restrictions Imposed on Client are Related to Protest

NTV News

Court to decide whether MUN’s decision to reprimand protesting student was reasonable

The Muse

Queen Elizabeth II Cafe Expansion Project: a Few Considerations

Student activist banned from campus following silent protest

MUN stands by activist ban, refuses to elaborate on Matt Barter exile

Barter says campus ban lifted, MUN denies “complete ban” occurred

A sit-down interview with Matt Barter

Protestor to Protagonist: Matt Barter is Subject of 2023 Documentary

The Review

The Right to Die should be extended

The Telegram letters

LETTER: U-Pass and vote process unfair and unreasonable

LETTER: Students at MUN revolt against administration in U-Pass vote

LETTER: The Kachanoski reign ending: opportunity for change and renewal at MUN

LETTER: MUN’s behind the scenes budget talks

LETTER: Is MUN’s student union adequately representing students?

LETTER: MUN spends $26,000 on hire for U-Pass project

LETTER: Welcome back, Jack

LETTER: Why not hire students to clean up MUN’s lockers?

LETTER: Remembering Judy Lynn Ford and the power of student action

LETTER: Remembering a student pioneer

LETTER: Celebrating student activism

LETTER: Why MUN should implement an open admission policy

LETTER: Free post-secondary education — it can be done

LETTER: New MUN president should look at other options than tuition hikes

LETTER: Memorial University president-designate seems to be listening

LETTER: Exploring power, privilege, equality and equity

LETTER: How religious freedom has changed since the 1980s

LETTER: Remembering Judy Lynn Ford

LETTER: Remembering MUN educator Noel Veitch

LETTER: Dial back salaries and hold the line on tuition

Letter: Exploring a life on the move

LETTER: Tuition hike shouldn’t be used to solve MUN’s funding woes

LETTER: Coffee and consultation

Anglican Life

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