CBC Newfoundland and Labrador recently interviewed Premier Andrew Furey on his thoughts on the Auditor General’s report on Memorial University. See the transcript below:

Andrew Furey: But I can tell you this that the Auditor General will always be a presence when reviewing MUN to ensure that this is just not a report that collects dust on a bookshelf. They have to action some of the items in this report, and we’ll ensure from our perspective as taxpayers as the Treasury that it is being deployed appropriately to make sure that students are getting the education they need for a new Newfoundland and Labrador.

CBC Reporter: Premier, just to comment on the former president’s extravagance, I mean, the public may want to know just your thoughts on how she spent her money.

AF: Well, I mean, the former president is gone right now. I don’t think it’d be right for me to comment on it, on her specifically, but some of the expenses are very troubling.


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