An obtained ATIPP request reveals that Memorial University has spent a total of $308,122.27 on external counsel for formal respectful workplace complaints from January 1, 2010, to March 10, 2020. Four units provided data: the Office of the Vice-President (Administration and Finance) spent $216,586.89, Human Resources spent $35,655.74, Faculty Relations spent $29,767.85, and General Counsel spent $26,111.79.

The law firms include Cox & Palmer, Benson Myles, Michele Dorsey Law Inc., Browne Fitzgerald Morgan & Avis, Rublin Thomlinson LLP, and McInnes Cooper.

See ATIPP files below:

The Office of The Vice-President (Administration and Finance):

Human Resources:

Faculty Relations:

General Counsel:

Download ATIPP files below:

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