Hilary Hennessey.

On December 6, 2021, CBC News: Here and Now spoke with Memorial University of Newfoundland Students’ Union Executive Director of External Affairs Hilary Hennessey regarding the administration banning a student protestor. See the transcript below:

Carolyn Stokes: The university’s student union says MUN and the office of Vianne Timmons are overreacting. An executive director with MUNSU says that all students have the right to voice their concerns and protest.

Hilary Hennessey: MUNSU has always been in support of students harnessing their freedom of expression, no matter if that is towards people in positions of power or not. So, we encourage students to go ahead and do so as we always are encouraging dissent and speaking up against decisions made that may impact students. We don’t believe that the student code of conduct should be harnessed in a way against student activism that is banning. We believe that if students are facing injustice in that way, please contact the Director of Advocacy.


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