WebEx statistics.

A recently obtained ATIPP request reveals Cisco WebEx statistics, including usage by members of the Memorial University community since it was first used. There have been 183.6K total meetings (65.58 average meetings per host), 8.9M total meeting minutes (48.66 average minutes per meeting), 142.2K total video meetings (77.47% enable video), and 12.2K total recording meetings (6.65% meetings enable recording).

142K (77.47%) of meetings were video, 68.64K (37.39) of meetings enable sharing, 12.22K (6.65%) of meetings enable recording, and 1.12K (0.61%) enable breakout session.

7.95M (89.04%) of meeting minutes was video, 4.46M (49.92%) was sharing, 867.94K (9.72) was recording, and 133.34K (1.49%) was breakout session.

There were 2.8K total unique hosts and 953.6K total participants.

Most participants joined by meetings app, followed by web app, mobile meetings app, etc. 

See ATIPP below:

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