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Thank You for Your Support

While 2022 is a new year, it is not exactly a new start for me. The senior administration at Memorial University attempted to wreak destruction on my life in 2021. Instead of offering a timely resolution, they have decided to continue their bureaucratic process into the new year. They have subjected me to organizational bullying and intimidation. They have violated my human rights and subjected me to extreme disciplinary measures for a silent protest. All of this has had a chilling effect on freedom of expression on campus. Many students are now terrified to speak out and participate in actions for causes they believe in. 

The administration must have initially thought, even if I made the news at the time, the decision to banish me would be a short blip and then forgotten. The administration thought they could walk all over me. They have tried to isolate me from my peers. As a disabled student, they thought that I would be an easy target. They assumed that I could not stand up for myself against them. Those in power tend to focus on those they think are the weakest as it is easier to make an example out of them. However, they are totally failing in their attempts. The lawyer I have retained, Kyle Rees, continues to fight my unjust ban. Meanwhile, there has been an overwhelming amount of support for me and the causes of freedom of expression, financial responsibility for the administration, and resistance to tuition increases.

Matt Barter is a fourth-year student in the Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty at Memorial University of Newfoundland, majoring in Political Science with a minor in Sociology. He enjoys reading thought-provoking articles, walks in nature, and volunteering in the community.


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  1. Dianna K. Goneau Inkster B.A.(ed.), MUN 1973; B.A., MUN 1974; M.L.S. U of T 1979 Avatar
    Dianna K. Goneau Inkster B.A.(ed.), MUN 1973; B.A., MUN 1974; M.L.S. U of T 1979

    It’s a slippery slope, Dr Vianne Timmons, President! Read the biography of Millicent Elizabeth Fish Harnack by her great-great-niece, Rachel Donner and other books about the Red Orchestra recently published in English. Educated people should be encouraging academic freedom and, yes, that means finding money to educate intelligent people unfortunately. It also means encouraging debate! Get with the programme, Dr Timmons or resign! Stay strong, Matt! Sometimes, those people with disabilities can see more clearly and write more clearly than others what a slowly or quickly fascist time we are starting to live in. Has Dr Vianne Timmons started erecting swastikas on campus yet? Obviously, the Circle’s efforts at defeating the Nazi Party of Germany were absolutely ineffective and only lead to the murder of their members, but, at least, they tried. The Harnacks’ efforts went unrecognized in the English-speaking world for the longest time (at least, 55 years!) because the U.S. labelled them as Commies because they helped the U.S.S.R.! when they had helped the U.S. embassy as well. “though the rocks be rugged!” Motto of Prince of Wales Collegiate perhaps? Sail forth into the deeps!

    1. Dianna K. Goneau Inkster B.A.(ed.), MUN 1973; B.A., MUN 1974; M.L.S. U of T 1979 Avatar
      Dianna K. Goneau Inkster B.A.(ed.), MUN 1973; B.A., MUN 1974; M.L.S. U of T 1979

      Milldred Fish Harnack! Not Millicent! Sorry!

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