Two recently obtained access to information (ATIPP) requests reveal the total project cost of renovations to the offices of senior administrators in the University Centre (UC) at $184,974. The ATIPPs specifically asked for the costs of office renovations for the Associate Vice-President (Academic) Students Donna Hardy Cox and the Director of Student Life Jennifer Browne. However, costs for individual rooms or spaces were not created, and only the total cost was provided. 

Hardy-Cox wanted to change the location of her office from the Office of the Provost to the UC. It seems that she wanted to be closer to the work that she is responsible for overseeing as the Director of Student Life reports to her. So, the university had to make changes to the office areas on the 3rd and 4th floors of the UC to make it happen.

Hardy-Cox’s office, including space for her staff, includes 148m2 or 40 percent of the total floor area renovated. Student Life amounts to 119m2 or 32 percent, Student Support at 67m2 or 18 percent and Chaplaincy at 37m2 or 10 percent. The total area renovated was 371m2.

See ATIPP files below:

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