MUN President Vianne Timmons (Patrick Butler/Radio-Canada)

On September 15th, 2021, at an economic forum held on Memorial University of Newfoundland St. John’s Signal Hill Campus, President Vianne Timmons said that they had to increase tuition due to the budget challenges that Memorial is facing. However, they have kept it the most affordable university in Atlantic Canada. She then brought up scholarships and bursaries as an option for those who cannot afford the tuition increase.

Timmons then stated, “I would say that $6,000 for a term now at a university is the best financial investment anyone can make. And it’s not a big financial investment for many families and the ones who it is a big investment, we are going to wrap around supports and do our best. Maybe there’s a student who cannot access university cause of finances, but we are going to do everything we can to make sure that we build a safety net around all of our students.”

Matt Barter is a fourth-year student in the Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty at Memorial University of Newfoundland, majoring in Political Science with a minor in Sociology. He enjoys reading thought-provoking articles, walks in nature, and volunteering in the community.


One response to “$6K a term not a big investment for many families, says MUN President”

  1. In what fantasy world is she living? Very few can afford $6K a term. Student loan? A minimum of 8 terms for a bachelor’s degree = $48 (not counting the built-in increases), and that’s before a single slice of bread and peanut butter has been bought. Of course, if your annual salary is $500K (plus perks), your perception of economic reality is skewed.

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