On September 4, 2023, NTV News interviewed the Chairperson of the Canadian Federation of Students Newfoundland and Labrador, Mary Feltham, at a Labour Day event in Corner Brook

Feltham stated, “Students and workers have always been united. We are going to be future workers, and some of us currently are workers, so students are also eager to go out and support their co-workers or future workers to make sure that we have equity for all in the workspace.”


One response to “Students and workers united, says CFS-NL Chairperson”

  1. I sincerely hope Mary Feltham truly believes deeply in the issue she is describing. Unions, themselves, have unfortunately devolved into a burning self-interest which has eroded much of the power they once had. In the meantime, parallel corporate power grabs have flowed from the simple purchase of
    politicians who are under their control.
    Even so, young adult working students have energy-and, hopefully, the WILL-to reshape a bleeding power structure which keeps elevating the rich and the uber-rich.
    In Canada, the wealthy find it so much more convenient
    to have a centrist federal government-usually controlled by one white man (even now, with a coalition government)-who may or may not be psychopathic. Trudeau has certainly show his contempt for those who are not of his provenance. And that’s just fine with the rich and powerful.
    So Mary, your task is like facing a tip-over of killer bees.
    Your job is to not just get them back into their hives, but
    gather more beekeepers who know how to rescue the bees…AND the country. And change the old system so that the rest of us
    have a chance to live freely, with reasonable incomes, and the freedoms that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms lays out so clearly.

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